Real Estate Studies - *9019

At the time when the real estate industry in Israel has become one of the most popular areas and among professionals and investors, Anglo-Saxon has expanded its unique study area, based on the method developed it over 50 years ago.


As the oldest brokerage network in Israel, we offer a training platform that will allow you to get the best training in the real estate market, are of investment, evaluation and brokerage.


We will accompany you, throughout your course to get your - brokerage license, in placement in any of our branches and continuing professional development all you need to succeed in the field.


Whether at school or in career development, you are in the right place!


Anglo-Saxon College offers a wide range of courses to acquire lifetime profession integration in real estate, as well as courses for investors and enrichment programs for those involved in this area.


We focus on the quality of our speakers:

All teachers are professional and experienced teachers, because it is clear to us that it is not only knowledge, but the ability to convey it clearly and correctly that allows for success.

The team is made up of lawyers, evaluators, economists and marketing consultants. Everyone has lived in the real estate industry for many years. Share people really love what they do and have behind them hundreds of success on the field.


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The Anglo-Saxon College Pro has an extensive network of established property, which is a symbol of credibility and professionalism and is recognized in Israel.

We invite you to be exposed to the world of real estate and to be successfully integrated with quality study materials and complete, exciting and professional speakers.


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