Real estate entrepreneurship courses - *9019


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Who is the course?

Do you want to enter the field of real estate, but have not yet planned your goals?

• Did you follow basic real estate courses and / or mediation and you want to take the next step?

• Have you issued a brokerage license, but you don't know how to handle customers who are looking for investment property?

This course is for you!

About the course

In this course, you will learn the real estate language, taxation, financing, market analysis, the location of investment properties and / or improving, urban renewal and more.

The course provides professional knowledge, the basis of which you can manage real estate projects - planners, consultants, parties financing, contractors, operations and suppliers - until a successful and profitable conclusion.

In this course, you will learn how transform a property with potential into real economic profit just by putting into practice the learned tricks are on the ground.

A unique course that will give you all the elements of the real estate project and will give you the tools for a maximum success.

The course will allow you to pass to the shark fish and will allow you to make independent investment in real estate and treat your business as intermediaries to investors and entrepreneurs.

Invest and make money even without money - in the course, you will learn how to make money without money, you will learn how to get a real estate transaction valid, even without equity or very small equity and with knowledge of financing!

You will learn to perform operations of 'exit' - in the course, you will learn how to buy an asset to improve it and sell it to the maximum.

Buy properties at a significant discount to the market price - in this way, you can maximize profits!

During the course:

You will learn to identify the many opportunities in the property market that allow the creation of passive profits.

You will get knowledge and practical tools that will allow you to identify the best investment in real estate as investors.

Gain confidence and experience in the analysis of transactions which will help you achieve financial independence.

You will learn in detail the key elements of real estate that each investor must recognize before making a decision on the purchase of a property.

You will be exposed to both commercial, legal, financial and tax specific to the real estate market, and learn how to save lots of money on transaction costs.

Master and use of databases important for, find information on assets, make decisions that will lead you to a steady income, and keep a constant number of active properties.

Duration of the course

12 sessions (6 pm - 9 pm) or 10 sessions (5 pm - 9 pm).

Course program:

Introduction to real estate investments

Basic terms and language real estate: Options for investment in real estate, planning and execution of a real estate improvement transaction. A way of thinking - take advantage of the real estate market at a given time.


Legal protection in real estate transactions, rights:

The law of the land, property, positive law and the distinction between them.

Principles of a contract: their rights and their practical aspects.


The market and the asset - review the market and environmental assets

Gather information about the market. Tools for your market research and the prices of assets. Databases, Internet and physical to collect information, how to analyze information. Evaluation findings and conclusions. Analysis of environmental real estate, urban renewal, regional projects, etc. Tools to evaluate the asset and its market value.


Real estate taxation

Taxation and consolidation of decision-making for investment in real estate, business discussion of the legal steps accompanying the transaction, taxation of investments, maturity, steps of the transaction: purchase, rental, sale and detect the scammers.


Planning of transactions and studies of market principles

Performance and excess of performance. The components in the planning of transactions. Build the team needed. Analysis and construction of a personal action plan detailed for the investor. How to be exposed to a market information / specific environment. Tools for testing of market and the prices of assets. Data collection and analysis of information. Internet and database tools. Analysis of GST.


Introduction to the mortgage

Adapt to the borrower, learn to reduce financing costs, carry out a negotiation with banks, offer the right financing according to the different types of mortgages and loans according to their advantages and disadvantages and propose an effective management. Explain the impact of this funding on your property (capital gains) and on the Bank of Israel.


The ultimate advantage for passive income

Interest rates, updating of the excess returns of productive assets and optimal assets. Use of leverage against the equity. Management of assets and transaction management and tenants.


Financial analysis of real estate transactions

Components of cost. Estimated revenue forecasts. Calculation of performance.


Options and methods for investing in minimum equity investments / financing

Options to invest in a high leverage effect. Methods of financing for the acquisition of investments. Build a plan for optimal financing for the transaction. Familiarity with the mortgage tracks - benefits and savings.


Renovation and improvement of properties

Improvement of property by renovations and changes in ownership Identification of potential assets management renovation, raw material cost estimates; work with professionals in short, from the study to the practice. The common investor against the sophisticated investor. Implementation of real estate activity - including examples and analysis of an event.


Negotiations and implementation on the ground

Tools to understand the need and the weaknesses of the seller / buyer. Tools in communication styles that lead to success in the negotiations, a demonstration in the class of conversations with a seller / buyer, and advice and questions that will lead to negotiations.

TAMAR 38 / investment in the United States



Galit Dani, academic Director

She holds a Bachelor's degree in administration Affairs and a Masters in law. She specializes in real estate and mortgage consulting in real estate development, TAMA R 38, construction of compensation, the feasibility studies of transactions, the formulation of strategies and marketing and business plans.

Tzahi Quatinsky, Speaker

He is active in real estate for 27 years and has been a speaker in the field of investment and the real estate, real estate development productive of income for more than a decade. An expert in project management at all stages (initiation, planning, execution, marketing and filling). He accompanied entrepreneurs each dare stages of the project, accompanies investors in all stages of the transaction.

Reuven Bielski, speaker

MBA in economics and business administration. Official Advisor of the Ministry of the economy and industry. He held the post of Director of the international division of the General Bank of Israel, CEO of Omni Business Studies and CFO of Dun & Bradstreet Israel. In 1995, he founded the Dagory Capital Company and, since he is lecturer in universities and other officials.