Real Estate Course - Practice - *9019


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Who can inscribe to a real estate brokerage course?


So you got your license, and now? This crash course will teach you how to succeed in the field and is for new brokers who want to work alone or in a small office.


Couse practice:

5 sessions in the morning (10:00 to 13:00) or in the evening (18:00 to 21:00).


Professors :

The instructors in the courses are professionals’ seasoned marketing and sales.

Study program:


What is real estate? Define a brokerage deal, the features, it’s positioning.

What are the opportunities in real estate?

What's happening on the market? Sectors and price movements.

How to buy and sell? Only, consent, exclusivity.

Real estate as a career: independent it over to the employee - Changing perceptions and create an advantage.

Working alone, in a real estate office. What the f re Mediation in freelance?

Domaine expertise, contact center, role partners and the relationship between everything.

Information and databases, locate a block / parcel, owners of the property, publish a Tabu (Registration Cadaster).

Area of ​​specialization - selection characteristics, be confined to an area defined or not?

Owner, desires, beliefs, market situation.

Added values of property, property elevation in exclusivities, prepare a home for sale and handling until the sale.

Property Details Page, Business Plan, Analysis, Pricing, Forms, Presentation Portfolio. 

Internet collaboration, open house.

Principles of commercial success.

Build an independent agent action plan.

Self-management principles: manage priorities in a timely manner.

Distinguish yourself, be a real estate consultant, improve your personal brand image. 

Sales skills   : listener the customers are, identify the needs are, and adjust solutions, closing a transaction.

Franchise network as a growth base.

Commissions - Which ones? How many? Why?

Market Operations

Management of the purchase, first contact, meeting buyer / seller, the requirements of each, prepare a sales presentation and lapped, customer / vendor database, forms, regular updates, paper and electronic advertising and use of computer tools.


All it takes to close a deal - the technical process upstream of the final handshake.


Work with people, social relationships such as raising questions, answering them easily, identifying the needs / desires of each party and managing objections.

Preparing your job as a real estate consultant - what to do tomorrow morning?


Graduates of this course who wish to broaden their toolkit are invited to register for this course career in real estate.