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National divisions

The Anglo-Saxon chain has national divisions which provide solutions to clients looking for commercial properties, new (new) properties and businesses for sale / purchase.


These divisions work at the national level and on the basis of the identification of the needs of the customers.


In the hypothesis where a property requires a different approach, the divisions specialize in each field of activity related.


Project marketing division specializes in new projects, with long years of cooperation with all contractors in Israel, the professionals involved, construction companies and more. To access the website of the Division of the marketing of the projects - click here.


National commercial division - specializes in commercial properties such as offices, shops, areas for commercial buildings and more. National commercial Division consultants specialize in the provision of business services, with a broad understanding of the world of trade and business. To go to the website of the National Sales Division - click here.


The business brokerage division - specializes in brokering between entrepreneurs or interested in the acquisition of an active business and the owners of companies. The consultants of the division are experts in search of lucrative opportunities for those who are interested in this, and at the same time, in the sale of a franchise / independent business. To access the Division of real estate Web site - click here.

    Project marketing division

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    National sales division

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    Mediation commercial

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