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The first network of real estate agencies in Israel

The Anglo-Saxon network is a recognized and well established network in the real estate market. For 50 years, this network seems to be part of the landscape of Israel. The Anglo-Saxon network of Shitrit Holdings operates through a network of independent agents and as a national network. In our market, and through our intermediaries, all types of property are available: lands, houses, apartments, luxury apartments, industrial buildings, offices, shops, warehouses, shops.

The company, founded in 1964 by Dave Blumberg z "l, about 80 branches throughout the country managers that employees network benefit from the professional setting and marketing, ranging from training and a curriculum. The Middle School Anglo-Saxon is a vocational school in the field of studies in real estate and brokerage, through ongoing professional support and advanced technological means - whatever it takes to ensure the management of professional interventions for customers in the domain of real estate.


The network Anglo-Saxon offers all its agencies a national marketing infrastructure, services, public relations, advertising, organizational development assistance and the creation of advanced communication channels within the network and with customers.


Pictured: the Anglo-Saxon team in the early 1970s.

This network offers a service to its customers, a range of complementary services, such as asset management. The owners whose properties will be marketed and managed with high-level professional consultations, a follow-up for customers who buy an apartment, consultations on mortgages, offers assistance to investors who wish to take advantage of a significant offer of network and rich knowledge accumulated in this area.


It provides network and services to franchisees in exchange for royalties, but is not involved in business or profit. Anglo-Saxon enjoys a reputation for reliability, quality and professionalism. In Anglo-Saxon marketing and real estate is the most powerful brand, assisted by a strong Israeli real estate, which 84% of customers are aware of. (According to the survey Geo Mapping)


The reliability and reputation of Anglo-Saxon are based on professional experience of course associated with high quality teams, knowledge, high standards and high reliability. Anglo-Saxon thus preserves its name and reputation by ensuring a fast and professional response to each of its customers with impeccable service.

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