Mediation course - preparation for the exam - *9019


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Who is this test preparation course designed for?


This course is for people wish not get a brokerage license, the necessary condition for fieldwork.


Duration of the course


6 sessions in the morning (9:00 to 13:00) or in the evening (17:00 to 21:00) or a self-paced online course.


A test preparation course purchased includes :


·                     A complete preparation that includes all that is necessary to pass the mediation test.

·                     Unique advices based on professional experience of Anglo-Saxon.

·                     The reality of intensive testing - like the real exam.

·                     The material comprehensive study including the book of law, the case summary, practice booklet and sample tests.

·                     Previous exam tests to be corrected during an exam preparation course *:

o                  The law of real estate agents, intermediate regulations, written order details, marketing activities.

o                  Contract Law (General), contracts Rights (Drugs[AL1] ).Law uniformed on contracts, Law on Consumer Protection, Regulation on the protection of the consumer (letter templates and uniform contract).

o                  The land law, including its update on building properties against earthquakes. 

o                  The law on plans and construction, the law on land experts.

o                  The law on leasing and property, the law on the sale of insurance (for the investors and acquirers).

o                  The protecting l oi the tenants are.

o                  The Property Tax Act (Assessment and Acquisition), the Act-inheritance.

o                  The oi on the lands of Israel.

o                  The Business Licensing Act and Commercial License Order.

o                  The penal code, the law of execution.

o                  Preparation to sharpen his judgments and evaluations, make them relevant.

o                  Practical exams and marathon questions for the exam and exams.


* All of the topics listed above such as topics, chapters and previous exams are in line with exam reform and are published by the Minister of Justice (April 2012).


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Download Judgments (191 pages) click here


To practice, open the simulator here


Sessions Professors:


Since the test is up to the Department of Justice, he is in charge of real estate lawyers to transmit relevant documents and are therefore responsible for providing qualified courses in these field:

Lawyers   : Master Yael Tuttnani, Master Alon Abela, Master Amir Tene, Master Elran Levy, Master Gili Tal, Master Golan Ben-Zvi, Master Guy Zagdon, Master Ilanit Zirkelwitz, Master Limor Ilani, Master Moti Tateitlbaum, Master Ofer Feirstein, Master Ortal Miara, Master Pini Rubinstein, Master Ron Yehezkel, Master Shimrit Ohana, Master Yoav Aspis

Prosecutors   : Master Dor Rigler, Master Eden Makmal.


Transition insurance between your courses and the job :


The curriculum includes sessions with speakers. It's a rich program of 500 questions from previous tests, with the possibility of internship and guaranteed access to continuing education. Each student automatically receives * transition insurance, which means that anyone who comes to all sessions, does their homework, passes the exam and for whatever reason does not succeed, has the right to a free course.

* According to the terms of the offer.


Schedule of sessions :


Due to the large number of study groups and the many opportunities for placement, you should contact the National Registration Center at + 9019 (ext. 1).


If the spokes of studies (state fees):


The costs more to consider if you want to take the exam mediation:

1) Examination fees - NIS 494 (paid directly to the Department of Justice, regardless of the institution in which you study z).

Registration for the exam is done on its own and is the responsibility of the candidate.

To register on the website of the Ministry of Justice, click here


It is possible, after having passed this to request the issue of a brokerage license within 5 years, on the date of issue of the results of the examination.


2) Additional costs to consider if you want to issue your broker license:

1. Registration fees - NIS 966 (paid directly to the Ministry of Justice, regardless of the institution in which you are studying).

2. Renewal of an annual license - NIS 484 (paid directly to the Department of Justice, regardless of the institution in which you study).