Studies : mediation and explanation - *9019

At the time, anyone who wished not declare themselves as intermediary could open a real estate agency and take possession of properties for sale and, to mediate between the different parties and do as he pleases, without legal oversight.

The hen a person who presents himself as a mediator, which was deemed unprofessional and lacking in knowledge this area, or more problematic as dishonest and fraudulent cases, this often leads to regrets and financial losses.


To end the amateur and unorganized behavior of intermediaries, Realtors Law (1997) stipulates, among other things, that anyone who wishes to engage in mediation requires a brokerage license. In order to implement this law, the Ministry of Justice has created a special unit - the Realtors Supervisor.

As part of his duties, the Realtors Supervisor is responsible for the mediation test - a necessary condition for obtaining the license - and its renewal, revocation of the license, etc.

The exam can be taken without formal preparation, but in order to succeed and to be a professional in the field, it is advisable and desirable to take a mediation test preparation course.


It is important to choose a professional and quality course delivered by a recognized company in the field, so you can take the Realtors Supervisor exam in one go and start working immediately.

Anglo-Saxon, Israel's largest and oldest real estate chain is proud to present a highly professional and comprehensive mediators course for the Realtors Supervisor exam preparation.


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After receiving the license, you can either integrate into an existing real estate agency or open a new real estate agency.

Those interested will have the opportunity to integrate into the Anglo-Saxon chain as a start-up.

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Warning! The brokerage profession is a freelancer, that is, there is no base or fixed income, and the real income is based on the volume of transactions you manage to execute.

For this reason, it is important to continue to develop the field and even track ongoing progress.


Here are a number of ongoing courses that can be followed after receiving the mediation license:


Practical Mediation Course - Marketing and Sales

So you provided a license, but now?

This crash course will teach you how to succeed in the field and is for new brokers who want to work alone or in a small office.

The course consists of 5 sessions (20 semester hours) in which students learn all aspects of the work of the estate agent, which includes:

Time management, task management, personal branding, area of ​​expertise, contact center, databases, asset recruitment, acquisition of exclusivity, buyer management, business skills, objection management, etc.

Instructors in these courses are seasoned professionals in marketing and sales.

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Practical real estate course

This course is mandatory for agents of Anglo-Saxon and any intermediary wishing to learn the methods of e our broker network in Israel. It's not just saying, "Think brokerage, think Anglo-Saxon”. With the knowledge gained in this course, the agents realize better outcomes and manage to thrive even during lean.

The course consists of 15 sessions (60 hours per semester), during which students learn in depth the work of the sophisticated mediator, as well as:

The definitions goals, time management, task management, personalization, area of expertise, contact center, databases, asset recruitment, exclusive acquisition, advertising, buyer management, sales skills, effective phone calls, simulations and more.

Instructors in these courses are seasoned professionals of marketing and sales.

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Commercial Mediation Course - treat with investors and entrepreneurs

A significant portion of potential customers are investors and interested entrepreneurs to take advantage of their personal wealth in the sector of real estate, you should know how to manage this important customer, the majority can be regular customers bringing with them preliminary information about other customers.

The course consists of 12 sessions (at 48 hours), wherein the Canadian Students not learn in depth the investment opportunities in real estate, the input and output transactions, investment financing (bank or non-bank), analysis of sales, capital market analysis, management planning analysis process improvement, including the estimated costs such as raw materials and work with are professionals, financial planning, analysis tables, variables, real estate transactions, TAMAR 38, Evaluation construction and renewal urban.

The speakers are leading investors and entrepreneurs in the field.

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